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As passionate automotive enthusiasts we prioritize adopting your vehicle as our own, whether it be a classic, collector, muscle, exotic, daily, or fleet vehicle.


View our portfolio to see the amazing results of our craftsmanship. We truly never see a project as “completed” but the results of our effort are highlighted.

Detail Studio & Equipment

After years of seeking out the best equipment and tools, we are pleased to use our arsenal to correct, perfect, and enhance your vehicle. 

ATTENTION! We are pleased to announce that we are a GYEON Certified Detailer. In addition to visiting our store to purchase GYEON products for personal use, we are able to install the Professional Coatings by GYEON that come with an INFINITE Warranty with proper maintenance intervals!

About Us

We are passionate automotive and power sport enthusiasts driven to take each vehicle we touch to a whole new level through meticulous care! With over three decades of industry experience we are pleased to provide our expertise and care on your next project. If you have a machine with wheels or an engine, we are capable of providing a service to enhance and protect it!

Maintain. Prolong.      Rejuvenate.

Whether we have serviced your vehicle to bring out the best visual enhancements, or you want to pick up some products to maintain your vehicles appearance along the way, please consider buying our recommended products from our store.

Products & Up Keep

Visit our store to find all of the necessary products, chemical, and tools to keep your vehicle looking great.

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Want to learn more about the services we can provide to enhance your vehicle?

At Enhanced Auto Protection we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive consultation to assist you in achieving the results you desire.

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