We don’t just throw a specific coatings product or brand at your paint. We want to understand how the vehicle is going to be enjoyed and used in order to prescribe the best product to meet the level of protection required while maintaining the highest level of gloss, depth and hydrophobic properties.

Ceramic Coatings

There are a number of reasons we choose to put a ceramic coating on your paint. Hydrophobic effects, protection, hardness, additional clarity and gloss are all key benefits that stack up.

Basic | Single Stage Coating

We place a coating on your paint that should last as long as possible with your vehicle use while keeping price in mind.

Basic Plus | Two Stage Coating 

In some product lines we can add multiple layers of coatings to keep strong lasting hydrophobic properties and protection to ensure a well protected paint.

Enhanced Pro | Multiple Stage Coating

We take the arsenal of our high-end premium choice products and complete a two-stage coating to ensure the strongest bond to the paint, the deepest quality of gloss and best protection.
We understand the value in keeping ease of upkeep in mind and offer a consultative and coaching approach to our clients that value a high-end service.  As a GYEON Certified Detailer/Installer, we have access to offer an INFINITE Warranty and can upkeep your vehicle to ensure your ride looks the best for as long as you own it!

Where does the coating get applied?


  • Vehicle Panels (Hood, Fenders, Bumpers, Doors, Roof, Paint coated surfaces visible from outside the vehicle.)
  • Wheels, Calipers (Coating calipers and wheels provides an extremely positive experience in rejecting brake dust and road grime. Our clients effort in washing their wheels post coating drops significantly.)
  • Headlights, Tail-lights, Non painted Trim
  • PPF paint protection film (We install a coating specifically designed for PPF) We correct the film during the correction stages prior to installing the coating. This generates a strong hydrophobic property to the film and withstands the UV rays to prevent a yellowing hue to the PPF over time.)
  • Glass Coatings are an additional step we take to provide one of the more enjoyable features when you drive your vehicle in inclement weather.

It is our initiative to provide a solution that protects your vehicle.  Everyone has the pain-point of dealing with keeping their vehicle in clean condition. We feel that ceramic coating is a tool that assists you as the owner to provide a positive experience as the owner.

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