Corrosion Protection

Vehicles are a big investment these days. At EAP we feel that it’s vital to protect the underbody, wheel wells, frame and all of the nooks that are susceptible to corrosion and rust.  Whether your vehicle is a recent new car purchase, daily driver or a show car, we want to guide you on the options for best protection and results! Keep the rust and corrosion away now to reduce the major headache in the future! 

Corrosion Protection

Keeping the underbody and components of your vehicle safe from the elements and road chemicals may slip your mind. Let us provide you a few stage options to protect your vehicle so you don’t have to worry!

Basic |   Corrosion Protection

A simple coating of chemical resistant products sprayed to the underbody, wheel wells and cavities on your vehicle can extend protection through harsh weather months.

Enhanced  Pro | Corrosion Protection Package

This package requires your wheel-wells and suspension components to be steam cleaned to expose the best raw material for an application of corrosion protection products for best adhesion.
Cavity wax is sprayed to the interior of the frame/uni-body, the door sills and interior joints that are prone to rust and corrosion issues.
Depending on vehicle use cases, we advise specific types of coatings that either enhances the color, depth and shine of your chassis or coats and protects your vehicle from harsh road chemicals.

Whether you plan to keep your car  for years or know its going to be in your life for a short period of time, protecting the vehicles prone areas of corrosion  will keep the value in your automotive investment!

Enhanced Auto Protection


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