Leather Coatings

Enjoying the driving experience is brought to a whole new level after we have provided our clients with our interior packages. We’re biased, leather shouldn’t shine like its dripping in oil or grease. Natural tones and finishes of leather are brought out with our Leather Service. 

Interior Services

We pay really close attention to the interior and leather service packages we provide our clients. Not all clients are the same in how they treat their cars, how they use them and what they choose to appreciate. The options below are customizable to really increase the consultative approach we take.

Basic | Leather Clean-Up

If your looking for a freshening option that doesn’t include an extensive coating or time consuming leather restoration, we recommend a Basic leather clean package.

Basic Plus | Leather Clean and Protect

Our basic plus package utilizes a variety of cleaning products to ensure the leather is left free of oil, stains and debris. Upon selecting this service we are able to coat the leather with a protecting agent that will keep the leather safeguarded from additional wear and damage. 

Enhanced Pro | Leather is Cleaned, Restored and Coated

An Enhanced Pro stage is the flagship selection for the enthusiast that leaves no leaf unturned to seek the best solution in cleaning, restoring and protecting your leather interior. We start by putting time and effort into bringing life back to the leather hide. Then the leather is cleaned through a thorough process that removes oils and contaminants. Finally we provide a tailored coating that will protect and keep your interior at its finest for as long as possible.

We provide additional automotive interior services to include:

  • Interior Trim/Component Cleaning

  • Carpet Extraction

  • Floor Matt Coating (carpet)

  • Interior Odor Fresh-Up and Scent Selection

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Disinfection

Enhanced Auto Protection


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