Paint Correction

The most important step in the process of bringing your vehicles paint back to life prior to a coating. The more time, stages and effort we put into your paint correction, the better benefits we can provide as a result.

Correction Details

Mechanical paint correction is required for any ceramic coating application. Depending and the depth, clarity, and gloss you wish to achieve, we offer three basic variations of paint correction intensity.

Basic | Single Stage Correction

A single stage correction is the minimum correction intensity to prepare a painted surface for a ceramic coating.

Basic Plus | Multi Stage Correction

A multi stage correction allows our team to better accommodate the level of gloss and swirl removal you wish to achieve.

Enhanced Pro  | Several Stage Correction

An enhanced stage correction is our flagship choice for customers looking for more than the next guy. The Enhanced Pro correction achieves that highest level of depth, clarity, and gloss your paint can provide.

Upon completing the decontamination and paint correction process, we recommend a solution that takes your paint to the next level.

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