2020 RAM 1500 Waldoch Edition

This special edition Ram received a multiple stage correction pulling every imperfection out of the paint prior to a strong GYEON Infinite Certified Installer Coating covering all of the paint. In addition to pulling the custom black wheels, we stripped and coated wheels for ease of maintenance. The depth and clarity in this paint was definitely enhanced and nearly changed the color of the entire truck when completed. This customer valued their coating and EAP provided a washing solution for future maintenance to keep the quality lasting for many more miles to come!

2020 Mustang Bullitt

Services Completed: Paint decontamination, paint correction, multiple layer Enhanced Pro package. We are eager to get this vehicle back in our shop again to fresh-up the coating and show the results of taking a used coating and how it can be brought back to life. We are also going to be coating the leather interior and will provide updates upon completion of this awesome ride.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Limited

Completed Service included – Paint Decontamination, Multi Stage Paint Correction, Multi Step Coating, Wheel Coating, Engine Bay Detail, Interior Leather Clean and Protection.

2017 GMC Sierra

This 2017 GMC Sierra is a great example of a vehicle that had a rough previous life, but we were able to attack the paint with several steps of paint correction and put a new set of wheels on and coated the truck top to bottom with a multiple stage coating for the most enhanced paint revival possible. Washing this truck is a breeze. Using a full line of Gyeon products, brake dust and debris blasts right off the paint with our pressure washer and high end cleaning products.

2019 Yamaha Eluder

Completed Service included – Paint Decontamination, Multi Stage Paint Correction, Gyeon Base Type 2 Coating, Wheel Coating, Engine Bay Detail Coating. 

2008 Jeep Wrangler

This 2008 Jeep Wrangler was in pretty rough shape, it required 3 stages of compounding and pads. After this, we followed up with a Gyeon coating prep wash. Finally, we coated this beautiful green paint with a Gyeon Infinite Warranty Base Type 2 coating along with Gyeon View and Trim. 

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