Cyclone Ultra Wash Pad


This is a great all around wash pad available in 2 sizes. One for larger surface area vehicles and one for getting in to the dirty details of your vehicle. Be sure to wash this pad with towel wash between each carwash to reduce risk of damage to your paint and coated or non-coated surfaces.

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The Rag Company ULTRA Product Line continues to grow with the addition of the CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Pad.

The CYCLONE ULTRA features a new, proprietary Microfiber Blend that allows for easier release of contaminates in the wash bucket. This change results in a more suitable pad for Rinseless Washing in comparison to other wash pads.

The CYCLONE ULTRA Wash Pad features a new stitching process to reduce the foam inner core from shifting within the outer microfiber material. We’ve also substantially softened the foam inner core to make the pad more pliable out of the box!

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6" x 8", 10" x 10"

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