Microfiber Madness Delimitt


This is the Ultrasoft Wash Mitt! The delimitt, a combination of the words “wash mitt” and “delicate” for the creation of the best wash mitt you can get! Grab yourself some foam to pre-wash your car and then use your favorite wash soap for the best carwash experience. Whether you are in your garage, your shop or driveway, this tool is a must have for your car washing needs!

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The Wash Mitt DESIGNED for soft and delicate paint!

You might ask, “Why would Microfiber Madness create another wash mitt when they already sell the most revolutionary wash mitt on the market today?” The answer is that they are always on a mission to create solutions that plague their fellow detailers. You may or may not know it but the Microfiber Madness family has a detail studio in Germany and in recent years noticed automotive manufacturers making paints more and more sensitive. They believed they could create a mitt that was the best possible option for even the softest paints on the market.  Now they believe they have accomplished that task!

The Delimitt features a thick ultra soft pile designed for even the most delicate finishes and the enthusiasts and professionals that tend to them. A unique sponge material built between the liner and microfiber absorbs plenty of water from the bucket providing wash solution to be released equally over an extended period. The ultra-soft synthetic fibers are designed to remove dirt particles from your paintwork whilst the premium quality inner lining provides comfort and durability. Finally, the signature wrist cuff features an embroidered Microfiber Madness logo clearly indicating the quality and pride invested in the all new Delimitt!

If soft paint is something that keeps you up at night then get your Delimitt today!

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