Q² Tire


Q2 Tire is the first SiO2-based tire protectant to hit the market. Its non sling gel consistency, long-term performance, and natural satin finish make it a perfect tire dressing. Prepare your tires surface with Q2M Tire Cleaner prior to application for best results.

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Q2 Tire is surprisingly durable. When the tires are properly cleaned and Q2 Tire properly applied you can see weeks of performance out of this tire gel. As part of your complete wheel care product, this provides high-quality care. Its ability to penetrate the pores of the rubber ensure long term performance and a healthy satin look.


Q2 Tire does not just create a hydrophobic and self-cleaning finish on the tires, it dramatically improves their looks. If you like a rich satin finish from your tire shine then this is the product for you.


The super concentrated, SiO2 infused formula of Q² Tire requires a very high level of surface preparation. Make sure you clean the tire with Q²M TireCleaner and let it dry. Rub a small amount of the product into the surface and let it dry.

TIP: To prolong the durability of Q² Tire, heat the surface of the tire wall with a heat gun. This will open the micropores of the rubber and allow the product to soak in. A more matte finish and extended durability are the result.

CONSUMPTION: 10-15ml / 1 set

DURABILITY: >5 washes

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400 ML (13.5 oz.)

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